Support for other tutors

Since the summer of 2021 I’ve been on a money mindset journey. The way I charge is very different to what is “normal” in the profession and it has had a huge impact on my wellbeing, business growth and income.

I now want to spread the love and empower other tutors to value themselves, their qualifications, skills and experience in order to raise the profession up. By doing this we raise the value (in all sense of the word) of professional tutors, but also the value we provide to the families we support.

To help other tutors work on their money mindset and transform how and what they charge, I have created my video course “10 Stepts to Changing How You Charge”, which you can buy here.

Free Support for tutors:

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I will be adding blogs about money mindset for tutors to the webpage. You can read the first ones here and here.

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