Why is maths taught differently today?

If you look at your child’s maths homework or pop into their classroom, you may notice that the way maths is taught today looks nothing like it did when you were at school. This can be unsettling for many parents because they don’t understand the new methods and don’t feel confident helping their child.  They …

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Parents’ Evening – a guide for parents

Parents’ evening!  Does it make you feel nervous?  Does it bring up old memories of your own school days?  Are you worried about what the teacher may say or what you should ask? Fear not!  I’ll fill you in on what you need to know to reduce the parents’ evening anxiety. Things to know about …

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How to Choose a Primary School

Choosing which school to send your child to can be a bit of a minefield.  Asking other parents is OK to a point, but, their opinion is biased by their own child’s experience of the school, and for every parent who dislikes a school, there will be another who loves it.  Here, I’m going to …

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How to help your child with SATs

A blackboard showing the word test

What are SATs: SATs are the end of Key Stage assessments that children take in Year 2 and Year 6 in England.  They are what are known as “high-stakes tests” because the children’s results are used to judge schools and individual teachers.  And this judgement can be harsh and cruel – believe me – I’ve …

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Why Bother with Handwriting?

A child writing with a pen in a notebook

When was the Last Time you Handwrote Something?  It’s something we seem to do less and less these days.  Here’s a list of the things I handwrite: Session plans and notes during a session To do list Events in my diary/calendar Nightly journal Notes from professional and personal development Development ideas Shopping list Greetings cards …

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Giving Praise to Children

In a parent consultation recently, the issue of giving praise to children came up.  Praise is good, right?  All children love praise!  They won’t achieve anything without it. When I was training to be a teacher back in the noughties, everything was based around praise.  Praise for sitting still and listening, praise for writing the …

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Four Common Misconceptions

Throughout November I will be going live on my Facebook page to quickly explain some of the most common misconceptions, or stumbling blocks, that the children I work with often display, and provide advice on overcoming them. I’ll take a look at each of them further in this blog. The Maths Blocks: Firstly, a couple …

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What Can I Do To Help My Child With Their Learning?

This was a common question at parent’s evening when I was teaching, and something I’m asked regularly by the parents I work with now as a tutor. My suggestions are below.  Other than the first one which is the most important thing you can do to help your child with their learning, the rest are …

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Making Sense of School Reports

School reports can sometimes be difficult for parents to get their heads around. Often parents have asked me to explain things on their child’s report. They use school jargon and “teacher speak”. Some are full of written comments, and others are just tick boxes. Both can be just as difficult to understand.